The Power of the Consumer

I don’t share personal opinions or views (unless I am asked) and I won’t start today.

What I want to point out though is this : the power is in the consumer’s hands.

As someone who has been involved in the marketing industry for a few years now, I can tell you ratings, reviews and feedback matter. Especially in mass numbers.

If you disagree with a brand or company’s agenda, product, view, or stand on an issue, you can do more than just post on social media or talk about it to friends. Cancel your membership or subscription, don’t buy from the company, write or call in with some feedback sharing your opinion with the company or brand. Take it up with the company.

I’m a journalism / pr major (& most of my work revolves around content and marketing), and at times, this industry is really disheartening.I was told several times in college and my career, shocking material gets the attention and that’s what you want in order to stay relevant. I think we are curious by nature – but where is the line?

Yes, the internet is a great thing. It connects people, allows for e commerce, allows us to see places far & wide, etc. But there’s also a lot of trash out there. I’m not saying don’t be informed, don’t make your mind up for yourself but we need some sort of standard.

Instead of buying into, researching or clicking on some scandalous article about the newest controversy you’re aware of, ignore it or if you must then leave a comment. “Hey I don’t like or agree with this and here’s why…”

Don’t tune into the show you heard terrible things about just to see what happens. Don’t buy the products because it’s cheaper or more well known. Don’t have your interaction or engagement count towards ratings. Because that’s how it works in the marketing and media world. The basis of the algorithm : views, clicks, engagement of any sort is what drives a post to top. By engaging, we are ultimately showing it to more people.

If we understood the power we have as the consumer, maybe things would be different. What are we tolerating as a society? How far are we letting that envelope be pushed? Are we allowing these companies to gain traction by feeding into the turmoil?

I have a real problem with the main headlines being these obscene things day in and day out. Out of all the things in the world we can talk about & discuss & highlight – why the worst of the worst?

Alright and that’s a wrap. Thank you for tuning in. 😂

Make your stand! Make a difference.