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The Future of Marketing


In an ever changing digital world, it’s hard to keep up with marketing trends, strategy and tactics. Working in the digital world, makes it easy to pick up on all of those things. And being creative in the digital world makes it easy to change.

New platforms, technology, overnight trends and ever changing algorithms are a daily struggle. But does it have to be?


Why are online brands followed? Is it because of the beautiful graphics or expensive ads? The consistent posting timed out just right? I really don’t think so. Who are a few Instagram (or any platform) follows that come to mind? Think back to why you have stay engaged. What brought you back to their account? It’s my belief that the future of marketing is about one thing: authenticity of brands and influencers.

I tend to connect with artists who create from emotion, experience and personal experience. Hearing someone sing their own songs seems to sound a little bit differently. I look at a few greats like Chris Stapleton and Eric Church. We gravitate towards those who have shared a part of their life with us. In a busy world, it takes a close connection with fans.

I think that’s why we see brands fall off the map. What started as a good small business turned into a large business with a different voice and changed values. Move pass the beautiful graphics, in depth keyword research and SEO, high end marketing teams that make you relevant and you find the talent behind it all. Is it a let down? Is there true talent or was it just noise? Did the company values that people connected with in the first place hold true?

It feels strange to be yourself but that is what it takes. Grit, story, downfalls, vulnerability…all of it. That’s what it takes. Translating that into work.

Can you relate to people and connect on a level that is genuine and authentic? We can all try to be a loose interpretation of someone else, but are you brave enough to be yourself? Who else can do you better than you?

Embracing Niche

As a business owner, it can be hard to see yourself though. What is it you’re really good at? Are there things you can work on and improve or should you let some aspects of your business, product or service go? I’m convinced to be a good business owner you have to understand what your strong points are and where the dead weight is. Hammer down on your niche. Niche is tied to passion – what can you not go a day without doing or thinking about over a long period of time?

Embracing your niche is something only you can offer and be really, really good at. There are countless Instagram accounts I follow that only focus on one thing: indoor plants, western hats, Victorian style home…the list goes on and on. Nailing down your niche on digital platforms is also taking advantage of hyper SEO. Help the people looking for that one thing find you. Talk about client custom loyalty!

Don’t try to be everyone. Don’t try to do everything. Just be you, do you, for you.

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