Winter 2019: American Frontier

Winter Creative Concept: American Frontier

Client: Rose Design House
Services: branding, creative concepts, seasonal theme

Most of the time I get the same question: So what do you do?

It’s always an honest question with a questionable but well-meaning look. And to that question I answer: ‘what do I not do?’

In the past, I have tried to narrow it down for all sorts of reason: good SEO practice, consistency…but it’s hard to put a label on it.

I guess on one hand I am a digital designer while on the other a creative director.

I’ve worked with a lot of different businesses on various projects: web design, email campaigns, social media management, events, logo design, branding, product design, marketing plans and strategy. With every project there was always a driving creative vision that I had in mind.

This winter, RDH is starting to create seasonal creative concepts (or themes if you will) that will be utilized on Instagram & this portfolio website.

This month, the theme is American Frontier. Warm tones, cool landscapes and the desolate midwest. I will be creating materials and using photos that reflect just that.

Follow along! 

I will update this post regularly as new material is added!

Why are creative concepts and themes important for marketing? Read RDH’s view on this subject.

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