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Magazine Print Design

Magazine Print Design

Something about print feels so permanent. So naturally, it’s pivotal to create a timeless design that portrays much more than simply words on a page.

Any given language is not universal. On the other hand, image and lettering arrangement, composition and aesthetic are understood, comprehended & felt at some level by all.·

Print design is composed of thousands of letters, but it is possible to utilize typography to convey a very specific feel and achieve a particular emotional effect.

“Study the classics. Then create your own.”

This saying has been floating around my head for a few weeks now. I find inspiration in art – mostly oil paintings, architecture and sculpture. I aim to create something just as detailed , layered, complex and in-depth – even if it’s not 3D and on only a flat piece of paper.

I went with a classic black and white color scheme accented with muted hunter green borders. To me, this production reminded me of an old country club in Tennessee. For a luxe, sophisticated feel, a thick, old school, pen-like script – something that felt like a handwritten note you may come across in a personal journal – is coupled with a classic serif font.

It’s in the details.