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Home Builder Branding

Client: Zurich Homes
Services: Branding / Logo Design / Content Creation

Zurich Homes sets the standard for homebuilding showcasing top of the line craftsmanship. 

A serif font hints at the traditional style of Zurich Homes. Vintage, grounded styles convey both timeless and trusted aesthetic. Without the frills of loud or busy fonts, the focus remains on the craftsmanship.

The foundation of a company is what sets the tone for branding. I worked on honing in on the basis of Zurich Homes, the craft and the standard.

As a designer, it’s not so much creating new things to be followed. Rather, as a designer, I am reading what is already there. The inspiration, the standard, the attention to detail, the values of the brand itself….it all creates the branding.

We worked on creating alternative logos to utilize throughout marketing material. By using alternative logos, this strengthens brand recognition and allows for more fitting elements for various platforms. With luxury brands, our focus is to minimize the large, bulky logos over time with simple, iconic elements. It’s important to do this at the right time – mostly, this can only be achieved with a mature and well-established brand.