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How Do You Put a Price on Design?

Are you a business owner looking to scale this upcoming year? In a digital world, online presence is key. How valuable is design to your business? And how do you put a price on work?

If ripples are the effects your business has and your network itself, design is the drop in the bucket that started it all. Have you ever thought about why you chose the things you do? Chances are, it’s because of the design. Why do you click on a movie to see what it’s about? A good cover. You probably chose that last date night location because of the atmosphere. New consumers purchase products or book services because of the marketing and branding.

Here are a few things to Think about When Hiring a Designer.

And for my fellow designers, here are a few things to think about when quoting your projects.


Design takes a lot of time. Ideas do come to us as designers but it comes with a price. We spend time researching, digging deep, considering the business goals, experimenting, testing (if it’s a website), and anything else we need to do or see before reaching out end product.

After that, we spend time creating the design. All that to say, there is a lot of time and energy that goes into your project.


Good design is invaluable. It allows you to connect with your audience. By connecting on a different level you are able to convey the quality of your service or product. In return, it helps you scale and grow.

You can have the greatest product and offer the best service but unless people know about it, it won’t matter. Design must reflect the quality fo your work. In some cases, design solves problems and reaches financial goals.

On the other hand, how will your business be reflected if it’s poorly represented or not at all?

Experience & Expertise.

Don’t just hire someone for their style. Ask about expertise and experience. Most designers will tell you this is what I am best at. Personally, I pass on projects I know I won’t be the best fit for. I know my style and tend to stay within the same industries. Trying to design for fields I don’t know or understand wouldn’t be a good thing.

Work with designers who have great style and taste (subjective of course) but who also focus on strategy. An expert approach makes or breaks a project.

Design is an up and coming industry. Over the past few years, it has drastically changed with the introduction of social media and other platforms. Now more than ever, design matters. Strategy matters. Choose to invest in your business. And designers: no more selling yourself short! Charge what you need to charge to cover your time.

Get in touch and let’s get started on your vision.