color palette generator

Color Palette Generator

Color plays a huge part in branding. Whether you are trying to find the right color combo for social media graphics, logo or even a website, consider using a color palette generator.

We tend to like the same images for one reason or the other. Maybe it’s the context or photo editing styles. Whatever the reason is, it’s easy to use any given photo when it comes to gathering aesthetic for your brand. Pull colors from any photo you like!

So how does it work?

Upload a photo to a color palette generator (Google this and several will come up)

Once uploaded, the generator will showcase 5 colors from within the photo. Color codes are given for exact match. It’s that easy!

Check out the photo below. This is an example of how the generator works. I am a huge fan of blue tones so I chose this photo of the ocean. These 5 colors were pulled from the image and color cards were created for a pitch.

The only hard part about this is deciding where and how to use the colors!