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7 Things I Learned in 2020

It’s been a tough year. For me, it’s been the toughest yet but also the best. My ultimate goal is to live a life full of memories and not wishes. I aim to pursue what I am passionate about. Each hardship has changed me and taught me lessons that have changed my life – for the better.

With my dad’s passing last fall, a year full of grief & heartbreak, a EF-4 tornado that literally passed our house, a pandemic, becoming licensed as a real estate agent and completely committing to being a full-time entrepreneur, there were times I just wasn’t sure I would make it!

The thing about it though: you always come back better and stronger. I am so thankful for 2020 because without it, I wouldn’t be able to move forward with my plans, huge goals and this exciting up & coming year.

Here are 7 things I learned this year that didn’t come easy.

All have drastically helped me as a business owner.

Your intention matters.

In any aspect of your life – especially business – your intentions matter. Knowing your intentions can give you confidence in anything you do. You will most likely achieve what you set your mind to – what matters is what that looks like and what your motives are. If you want to have a large influence in a good way, you must not make anything you do solely about yourself. If you do, you will only achieve a fraction of what you could. It really is about other people.

Being clear about what your intentions are and determining that within yourself (because it is soul deep) will make you resilient. When hard times come, when things get dark or people don’t support you, you can go back to your foundational intentions and be confident in what you have set out to achieve. Your intention is between you and yourself.

Be single minded

Become focused on what is within you. Be original. There is no competition because there is none other just like you. That’s the magic of it. Don’t try to understand the big picture because you never will. We are not capable of handling every detail in life. We weren’t meant to know the future. Don’t try to see how the cards will fall. You won’t always know what you’re working towards. What matters is you find and passionately pursue what drives you. I think prayers are us talking to God, and intuition is God talking back.

Be present

Yesterday is gone. The future is a mystery. All you have is the moment you’re in. You’re creating your own life. Something that bothered me when my dad died was realizing memories are just moments. Here then gone. I will never be able to relive the amazing childhood memories I had growing up – Christmas traditions, Saturday routines, etc. Realize that you are making your own traditions and memories in the moment. Today is what you will look back on. Don’t get hung up.

Principle and promise

Cause and effect. If this then that. All principles are tied to a promise. Hard times and situations are tied to something good. If you pray for confidence, God will show you opposition so you become confident. If you pray for patience, He will make you wait. It’s always worth whatever is tied to the principle. Good things don’t come easy, but they most definitely show up at the right time.

Perspective and mindset 

Aim to make an art of living. There will be good times. There will be bad times. Seek to gain a perspective that allows you to see both shadows and highlights. By having both, we can see the greater picture. Without one there isn’t the other. Think of a painting or the clouds in the sky. It’s only possible because of light and darkness. Both dark times and bright days provide an understanding of life. All sunshine makes for a desert.

Life is hard for everyone

On my hardest days, I saw no way forward. I couldn’t see the worth in absolutely anything. Nothing mattered. The only thing I could come up with: everyone experiences loss. That was a comfort for me. It was a bittersweet realization. Coming to see that though was the turning point. It made me even more compassionate for others. Do good for and to others. When it comes to business, your network is your greatest asset. Make it a point to help others and watch what happens.

Stay true to yourself.

For everyone but especially other business owners and creative people. No one is like you. Always stay true to yourself. Create your own rules and path. If you try to copy someone else, you will always be two steps behind, become burned out and never create your own identity. You will only be an echo.

There will be times where it’s very difficult to create and do new things – only because you are doubting yourself. It is up to you, given your gifts and talents, to carry through on them & be a good steward. Paint that painting, create that look, go all out.

The world is waiting.

Happy New Year, friends! Cheers to you.